Friday, May 20, 2011

Not Dead & Not For Sale by Scott Weiland: Weiland abused

Not Dead & Not For Sale”, by Scott Weiland is his memoir. Weiland shared his terrifying story. Weiland had his darkest moment while growing up in childhood. He was raped when he was 12 years old.

Weiland said an older boy who was in high school senior preyed on him. Weiland trusted him becasue they rode the same bus to school every day. One day, the teenaged boy invited Weland to his home. The unsuspecting Weiland was overpowered and raped.

Weiland said the bully threatened to make him miserable in school. The bully warned Weiland he would ruin his reputation for him and destroy his friendships in school. Weiland said he was too scared to tell anyone he was raped. Weiland buried the memory at the back of his head. A few years ago, Weiland entered rehab and received therapy for some issue. The therapy forced him to confront his childhood memory.

While writing his memoir, Weiland realized he wanted to share that incident to confront his feelings and get over that episode.

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