Friday, April 8, 2011

Raghav Mathur Full Biography, Life and Music Career

Raghav Mathur also known as Mathur is one a of the best Indo-Canadian singer. Raghav is one the best pop singer. At the age of 15, Raghav deeply started work in music.
Recently Raghav Mathur have made a recording contract with Homepage Records. There are so many famous albums songs of Raghav. Like 'So confused', 'It cant bright', 'cant get enough', 'Lets work it out'. One of the most famous are "Angel eyes" and "fires".
The complete Biography of Raghav Mathur is:
Name:Raghav Mathur
Birth:2nd April, 1981, Canada
Career Start:2003
Proffesional:Song writer, singer
Labels:A and R Records in 2004-06
Intrest:Reading and playing football
Geners:R and B, Pop song
To listen song of Raghav Mathur just click on below linkRaghav's song

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