Saturday, April 9, 2011

Katy Perry puts Russell Brand before her career

Of course, if you were married to the beautiful and hairy measurement Rusty B, which would also make it a priority. So no wonder Katy Perry has felt the need to shout their love and devotion for her husband.
God knows I would do if Katy Perry was. Speaking of Katy Perry's happy relationship with actor Arthur, says Katy Perry: "My husband is my first priority, we have a great relationship, it is important that I do not always run around too much I have to take time to live life and have experience."
And of course, love to share and it seems Russell Brand has been very sweet Katy Perry learn how to go about our way of Brit "in life. Katy Perry told the radio hits" by Russell Brand taught me British slang and phrases now. I said, 'I'm going out to dinner in a dull one. I feel a connection with the British because of my husband. It can be lonely in the UK and feel good. " How refreshing, huh? We believe we are not the only ones that are totally delighted to see these two so loved up.
Because if you ignore the small spikes Russell Brand and stints in rehab, it therefore seems that people have been abused, and no doubt the old curse LA love. In fact, it seems - surprise - actually in love. we are satisfied with the terrible rumors about the couple on the rocks, the tails of too much as we thought it would be one of our favorite celebrity couple ever. Read More

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