Tuesday, April 5, 2011

App gives HTC Thunderbolt an LTE on / off switch

App gives HTC Thunderbolt an LTE on / off switch

Are You get headack of being bettry down in your iPhone 3GS? There are the cases where iPhone users get turned off the Phone to makedown their bettry uses.

Here is the new App for HTC new launch smart phone Thunderbolt's App which make your down consumption of phone's bettery usage. There is no doubt that this app will be the big hit in hte Android market.

Using 3G only when phone is in one's pocket and It don't care about LTE connectivity person can get 6% drain/hr with moderate use, will get 10-11%/hr more. Thunderbolt will let you switch from LTE to 3G only with just three taps.

HTC Thunderbolt speed test on 4G LTE

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