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Not Dead & Not For Sale by Scott Weiland: Weiland abused

Not Dead & Not For Sale”, by Scott Weiland is his memoir. Weiland shared his terrifying story. Weiland had his darkest moment while growing up in childhood. He was raped when he was 12 years old.

Weiland said an older boy who was in high school senior preyed on him. Weiland trusted him becasue they rode the same bus to school every day. One day, the teenaged boy invited Weland to his home. The unsuspecting Weiland was overpowered and raped.

Weiland said the bully threatened to make him miserable in school. The bully warned Weiland he would ruin his reputation for him and destroy his friendships in school. Weiland said he was too scared to tell anyone he was raped. Weiland buried the memory at the back of his head. A few years ago, Weiland entered rehab and received therapy for some issue. The therapy forced him to confront his childhood memory.

While writing his memoir, Weiland realized he wanted to share that incident to confront his feelings and get over that episode.

Stanley Thornton: Adult baby Stanley Thornton

Stanley Thornton Jr is a 30 year old adult baby. Thornton has a room mate who takes care of him whenever he is in the adult baby mode by feeding him his bottle, changing his adult diaper, putting him to sleep in an adult crib, and enable him to live his fantasy as an adult baby.

Stanley Thornton Jr was featured in National Geographic Channel’s program called Taboo. Senator Tom Coburn, R-OK, pointed out that Thornton Jr was able to function as an adult in several instances. Thornton drives himself around, unlike a baby, designs his own custom made adult baby furniture, manage his own Internet support group for adult baby, and act like an adult in public.

Tom Coburn has alerted the Inspector General Patrick P O’Caroll Jr, that Thornton and his room mate, have been collecting Social Security disability benefits.

Stanley Thornton Jr adult baby website –

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jr ntr marriage live

It is known that 'MAA TV' TRP Ratings have been increased in full after telecasting Allu Arjun's Marriage Celebrations live recently. So Television channels are in hurry to get the rights of upcomign Jr.NTR's Marriage even for high Price. There was a buzz that Jr.NTR's uncle Narne Srinivas Rao was not interested in selling the rights and want to telecast live in his own Channel 'Studio N'. But as per latest reports suggest, Jr.NTR asked his uncle to sell the rights so that many more viewers can watch his marriage it seems. It is heard that 'MAA TV' and 'Gemini TV' are top in the competition and  will be declared in few days it seems.  Let us wait and see which Channel telecasts live?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mamta Mohandas' Biography, Photos, Videos

Mamta Mohandas is known as Mamta born in 14th November,1985 in Bahrin. Mamta Mohandas is a an actress. Mamta is also a Playback singer. Mamta Mohandas mainly acting in South indian films,e.g. : Telugu, Malayalam, and Tamil films. Mamta Mohandas started her career in 2005. Mamta's first movie is Mayookham which was directed by Hariharan. It was malayam film. Mamta has also doing acting in some Bollywood movies. Mamta Mohandas's Biography
NameMamta Mohanadas
Birth14th Nov,1985 in Bahrin
Age25 Years
ProfessionalActress,Playback Singer
Starting Year2005(Present)
First MovieMayookham
Mamta Mohandas Hot and Sexy Pictures
Mamta Mohandas Hot and Sexy images
Mamta Mohandas Hot and Sexy Photo Gallery

Youtube Hot Video Song of Mamta Mohandas

Winner of Dance India Dance(did) Doubles Grand Finale All Details /Videos/ Pictures

On Latest Television news, Dance India Dance(DID) decided Winner that last episode will be doubles before the final show. Due to of this, top four Dance India Dance couple will see each other in the final show.

The Top four couples teams Of Dance India Dance(did) Doubles are :
  • Niharika and Vikram

  • Vivek and Saurabh

  • Sonali and Cornell

  • Falon and Amit

Also Zee Tv has changed his schedule and they will not show live. So this final episode of "Dance India Dance(did) Doubles" will be most excitement show. No one can say who will win in final,only time will say.So wait and watch.. !!

YouTube Video Of Dance India Dance(did) Doubles

Read More About DID

Asad Pathan's Biography/ Blog/ Facebook Profile/Wikipedia

As latest IPL cricket news,Royal Challengers Bangalore won by Asad Pathan. Asad Pathan is playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL(Indian Premier League). Asad Pathan's full name is Asad Ullah Khan Pathan. Asad pathan is cousin brother of Irfan Pathan. Irfan Pathan is a Indian Cricket Player. The complete Full Biography of Asad Pathan is :
Name:Asad Ullah Khan Pathan
Birth:17th June, 1984 in Ankleshwar, Gujarat, India
Age:26 Years
Playing for:Royal Challengers Bangalore, Railways
Total Matches: four
Total Run:46
Read More..

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Anna Hazare Latest News Update

As the latest Indian News, Anna Hazare ended his 4-days hunger strike. Because Government had told that within monsoon session they will pass lokpal bill in Indian Parlament. Anna Hazare also said that if this bill will not be passed,then he will again do continue do strike against curruption.
Also Anna Hazare will call a Nation wide agitation. On 9th April,finally Indian Government decided to introduce the Lokpal bill in monsoon session of Indian Parlament. This Lokpal bill will be against curruption cases.
Minister of State of Parliamentary Affairs Ashwini Kumar today said-"then these cases will be handled by fast track court for fast working of cases". The UPA Government also said that they will take some important steps against corruption. And fast track court also been set up to work fast against corruption.

To know more about Anna Hazare just click on below link :

Katy Perry puts Russell Brand before her career

Of course, if you were married to the beautiful and hairy measurement Rusty B, which would also make it a priority. So no wonder Katy Perry has felt the need to shout their love and devotion for her husband.
God knows I would do if Katy Perry was. Speaking of Katy Perry's happy relationship with actor Arthur, says Katy Perry: "My husband is my first priority, we have a great relationship, it is important that I do not always run around too much I have to take time to live life and have experience."
And of course, love to share and it seems Russell Brand has been very sweet Katy Perry learn how to go about our way of Brit "in life. Katy Perry told the radio hits" by Russell Brand taught me British slang and phrases now. I said, 'I'm going out to dinner in a dull one. I feel a connection with the British because of my husband. It can be lonely in the UK and feel good. " How refreshing, huh? We believe we are not the only ones that are totally delighted to see these two so loved up.
Because if you ignore the small spikes Russell Brand and stints in rehab, it therefore seems that people have been abused, and no doubt the old curse LA love. In fact, it seems - surprise - actually in love. we are satisfied with the terrible rumors about the couple on the rocks, the tails of too much as we thought it would be one of our favorite celebrity couple ever. Read More

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Raghav Mathur Full Biography, Life and Music Career

Raghav Mathur also known as Mathur is one a of the best Indo-Canadian singer. Raghav is one the best pop singer. At the age of 15, Raghav deeply started work in music.
Recently Raghav Mathur have made a recording contract with Homepage Records. There are so many famous albums songs of Raghav. Like 'So confused', 'It cant bright', 'cant get enough', 'Lets work it out'. One of the most famous are "Angel eyes" and "fires".
The complete Biography of Raghav Mathur is:
Name:Raghav Mathur
Birth:2nd April, 1981, Canada
Career Start:2003
Proffesional:Song writer, singer
Labels:A and R Records in 2004-06
Intrest:Reading and playing football
Geners:R and B, Pop song
To listen song of Raghav Mathur just click on below linkRaghav's song

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Schedule Of DLF IPL Matches 2011 and Team List of IPL 2011

schedule of dlf ipl 2011

DLF IPL 2011 Tournament will start from 8PM 8th April, 2011 onwards,

DLF IPL 2011 Teams
  • Chennai Super Kings
  • Deccan Chargers
  • Delhi Daredevils
  • Indi Commandos Kerala
  • Kings XI Punjab
  • Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Mumbai Indians
  • Rajasthan Royals
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore
  • Sahara Pune Warriors
schedule of dlf ipl 2011
schedule of dlf ipl 2011
schedule of dlf ipl 2011

Download DLF IPL Schelude Here.

Watch Video Of DLF IPL 2011 complete schedule new format.

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hyundai elantra car reviews and videos 2011

hyundai elantra car reviews

hyundai elantra car reviews

After Verna there is next Hyundai Elantra in india. InApril,It may be the big hit for Elantra because of festive season. This is the fifth of generation Model.

It comes in the price of 12-14 Lakhs INR.

Elantra has .16 Litre of Petrol Engine. There are both Petrol and Diesel models availble in Market. It has 140 Bhp power and 170 Nm odf Torque.The Engine is highly frugal due to GDI technology.

Elantra has six speed automatic gear-Box. It has also its level of class sefety and power features

Watch 2011 Hyundai Elantra Review

WWE Wrestlemania(27) 2011 Results And Videos

On 3rd April,WrestleMania Opens with the rocking song of Keri Hilson.Keri start with 'America The Beautiful' song.Now this time Rock was the host of WrestleMania.Rock came with full of goosebump. That's why everyone got serious on the stage at that time.The Result of WWE Raw 4-4-11 are placed below :
  • John Morrison and Trish Stratus defeated Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero
  • Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio defeated CM Punk and Cody Rhodes
  • Jerry “The King” Lawler defeated Jack Swagger by Disqualification
  • U.S Title Match: Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan
  • Alberto Del Rio defeated Evan Bourne
The latest update of WWE Raw is Below :
  • WrestleManai XXVIII 4/1/12, John Cena vs. The Rock
  • Sin Cara makes his WWE debut by attacking on U.S Champion Sheamus
  • The Miz confronted “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, while he introduces the "Tough Enough" contestants
  • The King of Kings Triple H comes out, praised The Undertaker
    Read More about WrestleMania

See More Videos

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App gives HTC Thunderbolt an LTE on / off switch

App gives HTC Thunderbolt an LTE on / off switch

Are You get headack of being bettry down in your iPhone 3GS? There are the cases where iPhone users get turned off the Phone to makedown their bettry uses.

Here is the new App for HTC new launch smart phone Thunderbolt's App which make your down consumption of phone's bettery usage. There is no doubt that this app will be the big hit in hte Android market.

Using 3G only when phone is in one's pocket and It don't care about LTE connectivity person can get 6% drain/hr with moderate use, will get 10-11%/hr more. Thunderbolt will let you switch from LTE to 3G only with just three taps.

HTC Thunderbolt speed test on 4G LTE

Monday, April 4, 2011

Poonam Pandey Model Suggests Paris For Her 'Naked(Nude) Strip Show'

Poonam Pandey Wallpaper, Poonam Pandey strip Pictures, Poonam Pandey strip images, Poonam Pandey Strip Photos, Gallery, pics

India Won the World Cup & Every Person Searching in the Internet Poonam Pandey Strip. Now this days popular person is a Poonam Pandey on the Media, Internet & everywhere.

Poonam Panday declared that if India won the ICC world Cup 2011 she would go nude. And this time released news is her naked strip show Previewed in Paris suggested by Poonam Pandey.

Poonam Pandey seriously says this matter and suggest to Indian Cricket team they play well and give the better performance in the World Cup Finale. Find Many More People her Facebook, Twitter Account in the internet.

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The DarkSide Magazine The white Heat Cover

The DARK SIDE Snowtrooper Magazine Cover

The Dark Side Magazine Cover P@ge additing The White Heat Image. Great editing, I got quite a laugh too! This Is a Amazing Picture. This image Added in the Flicker.

How to Add Google Plus one (+1) Button on Wordpress Template

Google plus one (+1) button image in blogger or wordpress

This Time Google's New Adventure google Plus One (+1) Button is very popular topic on the Internet. And this button adding in the all website and blogspot and wordpress very simply. Here you show the trick of the How to add Google Plus One (+1) button to your wordpress template. Now it is very simple, just below code is adding in your template (single.php) and live google plus 1 button see in your wordpress blog like upper picture.

If this trick is not working or off this button don't sad just follow me on Twitter and get newly Newsletter for quick update.

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Watch: 3 Doors Down's 'When You're Young' Video, Band Sets Album Release Date

3 Doors Down When You are Young video

3 Doors Down's "When You're Young"
is big hit. 3 Doors Down's video is uploaded in YouTube on 23 March ,2011. Which was the official video.

When You're Young song was in iTunes on February 1,2011. which is in Top ten Now. In video many persons goes in suits in black. The girl in street walking around.

A young man comes in to the street and goes behind girl to be separated from the gathered Crowd.
Watch 3 Doors Down's 'When You're Young' video

Charlie Sheen To Open A Pet Shop With Greg Proops

On 31st march, Las Vegas, Finally Charlie Sheen will open a Pet shop with Greg Proops. Charlie will take this step literally. Charlie will appear on the 12th episode of "Drew Carey's Improve A-Ganza". Performance of charlie will be unimagined because of he sheen in now days. After the show of charlie there will be other performance. Those participants are Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, Greg Proops. Out of those performer, Greg Proop will open a Pet shop with Charlie Sheen. So, this show in April named "Drew Carey's Improve A-Ganza" will be very excited for the people.

How To Add Google Plus 1 button Widget in Blogger

Google Plus 1 Button Logo, Image, Picture, Photo, Against Facebook Like Button Image

Google Launch It's New Feature Plus One (+1) Button in the Search Engine. It's Also Work On the your Blogger, But wait some days because It's launch on only the Google blog. This feature also including in the all site. But this time only experiment version launch in the Google blog. So, Now see it's stuff Video and about the Google plus 1 button on the

Google plus 1 button Feature is against of the Facebook Like Button. Then the popularity of the Facebook Like Button is continuously down on the sometime ago. so, please keep now watch the Plus 1 Button wherever launch and popular in the net. This time Plus 1 Button very popular topic on the Internet and then this button also popular whenever it's launch in the net for all website.

New Adventure of the Google Release Plus 1 Button Against FaceBook Like Button

Google Plus 1 Button Photo

Google launches plus 1 button in the Google Account. Plus 1 Button uses in the Google account speed searching than any other. Google +1 button enable for your Google account. Google Plus 1 button allow you to share recommendation with world right in search results and making result more social site. Google has launches Google plus button for Experiment on 30 March, 2011.When you click this button then it tell Google and advertisers which website you like. After few month many people will be able to put on these buttons on their pages. Google plus 1 button is a new adventure of it's founder against facebook like button. This is more creative like button where it is more useful in the search because most liked site upper on the search page so this is more featured release by the google co-founder.
To More Information Here

John Wall Punches Zydrunas Ilgauskas Over Elbowing

During the Second Quarter of Wednesday night the game between The Washington Wizards and Miami Heat in Washington.Washington Point Guard Johan throws a punch Miami heat bigman BIG Z.
John Wall is an American basketball Player. John Wall is also playing for the Washington Wizard of the National basketball Association. John wall born in Raleigh, North Carlina on September 6, 1990. John Wall height 6 ft 4 in. Zydrunas Ilgauskas is a Lithuanian Professional basketball Player. Zydrunas Ilgauskas is currently play for the Miami Heat of NBA. Zydrunas Ilgauskas plays in center position during the match. Zydrunas Ilgauskas born on June 5, 1975. Zydrunas Ilgauskas nick name is "BIG Z".
John Wall Punches Zydrunas Ilgauskas Over Elbowing YouTube Video

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The Warrior Prince Sourav Ganguly BioGraphy Photos,Videos And Many more Information

Sourav Ganguly is former Indian cricketer and a captain of the Indian national team. Sourav born in Calcutta in 1972. There are many nickname of Sourav like The god of off side,The prince of Calcutta,The Maharaja, Dada.
In his cricket career, Sourav start in 1991 and get a retirement in 2007 from the international cricket matches. He played 113 test matches with 7,212 runs,311 ODI matches with 11,363 runs.

In February 2008, Ganguly joined in the IPL(Indian premier league) team. He is the captain of Kolkata Knight Riders(KKR) in IPL. Kolkata Knight Riders IPL team is owned by Bollywood actor Shahrukh khan.

As latest cricket news, Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and Australian captain Ricky Ponting,will open up the history on sourav Ganguly. They titled Sourav Ganguly as the 'The Warrior Prince' in Indian team. The main reason behind this is that was the one of the angry person in the team. Read More..

Online Watch Nil Gavani Sellathey Thriller Movie

Nil Gavani Sellathey is a Tamil thriller movie. Nil Gavani Sellathey movie was might be released on Dec 17,2010. But, due to of some reason in Box-office it was released in 25Th march,2011. Director and producer of this movie is Anand Chakravarthy. The cast in this movie are Anand, Dhanshika and jagan. And music played by Selva Ganesh.

Nil Gavani Sellathey is horror thriller movie. In this movie cinematography is done by J Lakshman. Jagan is doing the leading role in this movie. This movie is about four person caught in mysterious life in threatening situation on the road..

'Ghost Adventures' Crew -- We NEED to Investigate 'American Idol' Mansion!

The Ghost Adventure is a weekly American Paranormal television series. The "Ghost Crew" from the Ghost Adventures. This program premiered on the Travel Channel.This Program actor follows Ghost Hunters Zak Bagans, Nick GRoff, Aaron Goodwin.
The Ghost Adventures perform on they investigate locations that are reported to be haunted.The Demonic activity inside the haunted "American Idol" mansion and they want to investigate the place ASAP. The Ghost Adventure show air on initially new episode on Fridays at 9:00PM
Ghost Crew : World of dance Dallas 2010 Youtube Video

A Reader Recipe: Vegan Pineapple Pancakes With Citrus Cream

In this Weekend,Want to enjoy to eat sweet-food but also healthy-food ? Then this recipe for vegan pineapple below is perfect. Now we are making Vegan Pineapple Pancakes With Citrus Cream. First of all to make this cake, We have to make complete these things described below.
  • Large pineapple,cut into slices
  • 1 cup of coconut milk
  • Vegan margarine
  • rum extract
  • 1.25 cup flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup
  • Juice of 2 limes
  • 1/4 cup agave syrup
  • 1 teaspoon of lime zest
First of all collect the above things properly. Now mix up the dry ingredients and also mix up the wet ingredients. Then mix the dry and wet ingredient together. Then spoon 1/4 cup of pancake onto sizzling pan with two slices of pineapple. Now cook over medium to high heat then flip.

Now the Vegan Pineapple Pancakes With Citrus Cream is complete.You could serve the sweet and healthy cakes.
A Reader Recipe: Vegan Pineapple Pancakes With Citrus Cream,latestnews,foodrecipe,latest update,food making,citrus cream food,cake

Tripit Adds Itinerary Editing to iPhone App

Tripit is a app & web travel manager. Tripit first looked at back in 2009. Tripit become complicated aplication to simple application. Tripit has authority of changing add, edit, delete, update iphone application. Tripit add software pro version prices is still at US $49 a year.
Tripit has added the ability to edit your itinerary in that iPhone app. Like as,you can change a flight time in case of cancel or delay. You can also delete items that are no longer needed. Read More.

LanSchool iPad Application Shoots Out, Sends Back Test Questions

LanSchool iPad Application have great feature provide for student teaching and examing in the school. LanSchool iPad Application's testing feature by the professors to send test of up to 100 question to student.LanSchool iPad Application display results can be shot back in real time on the teacher's console and given graded with print teh results.In LanSchool iPad Application question can establish in multipal choice questions and short answer questions.

Modular iMobot New Technology Advance Robotics

New Technology iMobot

Presenting new technology Modular iMobot which combines technology of Robot + Mobile, that is big implications for the field of Robotics. There is also corporation in similar like iMobot,that is iRobot Corporation,iRobot founded in 1990.

This iMobot can crawl, drive, and potentially act as an autonomous camera platform. iMobot can use in the Field of education and research as well as in many technology releted field.

It has Sporting four degrees of freedom, two rotating joints.

Watch video of Intelligent iMobot

Full Biography Of Marika Fruscio Calendario and Hot & Sexy Photos

Hot and Sexy Model and Actress Of Italy Marika Fruscio Calendario photos pictures images gallery photoshoot

Marika Fruscio Calendario is Hot and Sexy Model and Actress Of Italy. Her Small Biography included Here. Marika Fruscio Calendario is Now On All The News Channel and NewsPapers Because Her Hot And Sexy Photo Publish in Men Magazine 2011.

Marika Fruscio Calendario's Small Biography Included Here.

  • Name : Marika Fruscio Calendario
  • Profession : Model, Actress, Centerfold, games
  • Height : 158 cm / 5 feet 2 inches
  • State : Milano
  • Oruginal : Itlay
  • Eye Color : Brown
  • Hair Color : Black

Marika Fruscio Calendario also work in Centerfold, Games. Marika Fruscio Calendario comes from country of Italy.

Read More>>Other Related Article ..

Marika fruscio calendario video and hot photo

Mtv Roadies Season 8 Videos and Photos of Contestant

MTV Roadies Season 8 is popular youth-based show on MTV. It is type of Reality Show. So,what Raghu said about life of Roadies,"Roadies has Suffer, Adventure, Entertaining Performance and many more activity..."

In India,It was started in 1995. This show provide Karizma bikes to go at predecided routes. In this show there is only a person who is winner and win the prize money of about 10 Lakhs.

Logo of MTV Roadies


Find MTV Roadies Contestant Here









See The Demo of MTV Roadies Season 8 Here

Find more about Roadies ? Click Here

'Canadian DMCA' Copyright Bill Dead Again

'Canadian DMCA' Copyright Bill Dead Again

Countries like Canada, Australia and the UK have minority parliaments.The DMCA provision bill not allowed to pass after Canadian government has take non-confidential vote. The attempt is like B-movie horror series the latest attempt to revise Canada's copyright law has been died before done.

Although this version was regarded as better than previous ones, it still contained awkward anti-circumvention provisions.This is same condition like copyright revision bill since 2005 to have died.

Jim Prentice Tries To Defend The Canadian DMCA Bill C-61

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Atomos Ninja and Samurai HD Video Recorder / Monitors Bring Compression Jutsu to Pro Filmmaking

We always finding the High Resolution Video shot by cameras. These high resolution cameras are RED EPIC,ARRI ALEXA. But it takes lot of time for file producing and data compression.
While in Atomos Ninja and Samurai are the best choices in comparison of RED EPIC,ARRI ALEXA.Ninja takes a Video through HDMI and stores it HDD or SDD storage.
TO get this Awesome cameras just have to pay $1,495,ands get the high resolution of video recording and images.

Marika fruscio calendario video and hot foto(photo)

Image of Marika Fruscio Calendario hot sexy foros photos pictures photoshoot gallery

Marika Fruscio Calendario Video is very hot topic on the internet. Marika Fruscio Calendario is very sexy and hot in her Videos. Marika Fruscio Calendario Video is viewed by many many many more peoples today. Marika Fruscio Calendario Video is many more times downloaded on the internet. Marika Fruscio Calendario is a italian model. Marika fruscio calendario became Famous due of her bold scene in many show. Now Marika is trying to win the male market in this year. Marika Fruscio Calendario(Photo, Foto) will also show off her curvy body. Wiki

Hot and Sexy Marika fruscio calendario video:

Top Ten Brands Over The World


Cocacola Company is a very famous brand in the world. Cocacola Company produces a Soft Drink. Cocacola Company start at 1886. Cocacola sell in the store ,restaurents, and the vending machine of more than 200 countries.

Toyota comapany is a automaker multinational company. Toyota Company headquarterd in Japan. Toyota Company have work on more than 70,000 people.
McDonald is a world largest selling fast food restaurants. In The McDonald more than 58million customer working on it daily. McDonald start at 15th may,1940 in San Bernardino,California.
Gucci is the world famous brand in clothing, footwear, volet, watches, jewelry, leather goods. Gucci revenue in €4200 billion.
Reebok is a production of the footwear, Accessories, Sportswear. Reebok headquarter in Canton, Massachusetts, united States. Reebok founded in Bolton,England in 1895.
Nike is a production of Athletic shoes, Apparel, Sports Equipment, Accessories. Nike revenue in US $19.2billion. Nike founded in January 1964, headquarter in United States.
Disney full name is The Walt Disney Company. Disney is the world largest media and enertainment term of revenue. Disney fonded by brother Walt Disney and Roy Disney in october 16,1923.
Mercedes-Benz is the developing most costly car in the world. Mercedes-Benz developing a automobiles, buses, coaches, trucks. Mercedes-Benz is the German manufacturing Company. Mercedes-Benz founded in Mannheim in 1886.
Microsoft Corporation earns about 44 billion dollars on a yearly basis and its brand value is about 54 billion dollars. Bill Gates owns the brand and founded it in 1975. Microsoft provides employments to over 75,000 people across the globe and Gates is both feared and admired by competitors.
Apple comapany founded in April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Woznaik, Ronald Wayne. Apple produced a Computer Hardware,Software,Consumer Electronics, Digital Distribution.

Nokia C503 Review and Price This Amazing Product

Nokia C5-03 c5 o3 nokia.c503 photos foto pictures images Nokia C503

Nokia has launched his new model in the market, Nokia C503. Nokia has launched its new smart mobile c503 with Symbian Operating System.

Nokia C503 prices is in India at RS. 9,050. Nokia C5 03 is working on the Symbian S60 OS and has a HD display. Nokia C503 is a full touch screen phone.

In this phone have only two button,One for receive call and other for the reject call.C503 include 5 megapixel camera with a 600MHZ CPU.

It is also supported WI-FI, 3G HSDPA /HSUPA. Read more It has stereo FM radio.Nokia c503 has 600 hours of stand-by time, if you are using 2G.

Nokia c5-03 available in Aluminum Grey, Lime Green, Graphite Black, Petrol Blue colors etc.Nokia c5-03 has 600 MHz processor CPU.

Nokia c5-03 contains The Exiting features contains RSS Feeds,GPS navigation,Nokia Maps,Games and many more.

Nokia c503 has 5MP camera, it has full of touch screen.

In India Nokia c5-03 Price is: Rs. 9050/-

Nokia c5-03 Specifications:

  • OS: Symbian version 5.
  • Talktime: 642 min.
  • Camera: 5MP.
  • Screen: Touch screen with 3.2 inch.
  • Connectivity: GPS, Wi-Fi., BlueTooth 2.0.
  • Storage: 40 MB internal with 2GB memory card.
  • Britney Spears Delivers Surprise Performances in MTV Special Inside Rain Nightclub (Palms Casino Resort)

    On Friday 25 March Britney have surprised performance on the Palm casino Resort, with jive Records recording artist to Rain Nightclub. That Performance is celebrated by The MTV as a part on an upcoming her's special that is release on next week in celebration. Palm Casino Resort is the one of the most biggest resort in Las Vegas. Palm Casino Resort has the whole encompassing and One Stop Destination. Palms Casino Resort owned by Maloof Family.

    Mega Millions Winning Numbers Worth $244 Million

    Mega Millions is the One Type of Game.In mega millions, Winning Numbers Worth $244, that was a largest amount of profit in the history if the mega millions.In the Mega Million many people has come in droves to try their luck and win the game here.last time many of the big jackpot had win the people. Read More

    Samsung Galaxy Player 70 Captures Vision of Android-Ruled World in New Promo Videos

    Samsung launched its new model in the market is the Samsung Galaxy Player 70. Samsung Galaxy Player 70 is the same as the old model Galaxy player 5. But here the Samsung Galaxy player 70 has latest feature than Galaxy 5. Samsung Galaxy Player 70 has mixed into the bright and cheery new ad are images. Samsung has also involved presume an alternative reality where the android robot is real,also in charge here. Samsung Galaxy Player 70 originally appeared on Engadget on march 26,2011 at time 1:41 edt.
    Samsung Galaxy Player 70 Promo Videos

    Samsung Galaxy Player 70 Promo Videos is explaining to us about The Feature and Technology of this Phone.

    'American Idol' Mansion Haunted or Contestants Just High Maintenance?

    'American Idol' Mansion Haunted or Contestants Just High Maintenance?

    'American Idol' contestants living in the 'Paranormal Activity house.3, that was Monday night when the show's producers into less spooky digs. After last night's show, TMZ the story turned the whole to-do into a silly segment on the local news here in New York. In Really, we have seen the best Episode of Indian Idol ever. The Participants claim they have seen a bed sheet float down a hallway.

    Firefox 4 Friday: 25 million downloads, anti-aliasing, and how to make it look like Firefox 3

    Firefox 4 Friday

    And Finally Firefox 4 released.Thats after 13 months of waiting after launching 3.x beta version. There is about 7.1 million downloads were registeredin fitst 24 hours.In just a three days about 25 million is reached. So, what are you waiting for just go and download from this direct link Click Here

    Friday, March 25, 2011

    Where Do Your Video Game Bad Guys Come From?

    Your Video Game Bad Guys not come from country.which is developing by Animation and Graphics in computer technology. Bad Guys don't come from that place where public speak its own language. Bad Guys language is dubbing by developer of game. In the game come from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, So that you are the one of the lucky guys.

    Building a microscopic biofuel factory (photos)

    grawing company photos pictures amazing science fantastic creative Building a microscopic biofuel factory (photos)

    Many Genetic Engineers build a better and better making Biofuel. One of the part each of this is Microscopic Biofuel. Head of Department of Biological services Dan Robertson see that a Grow of the Engineers in make a Diesel Fuel. Here Attach this Microscopic Biofuel Image.

    More to See this Content in The Cnet.

    NATO Takes Over Command of Libya No-Fly Zone

    NATO takes over command of libya after days of hard bargaining among its members. NATO has been agreed on late night on Thursday to enforce the NO FLY ZONE OVER LIBYA. NATO has not other military opraiton there.but NATO General Secretary Anders Fogh Rasmussen announce that other aspect of The peration would be remain.NATO general secretary Rasmussen said all Nato members had agreed to the move. Also in including Turkey, which had expressed doubts over strikes on a fellow. READ MORE

    'The Office' Season 7, Episode 18 Recap Review and Video

    The Office Season 7 episode 18 is an American Television sitecom that airs on NBC channel. The Office season 7 episode 18 title is "Todd Packer".The Office season 7 episode 18 directed by Randall Einhorn and written by Amelie Gillette. The Office season 7 episode 18 air on February 24,2011 9pm on NBC. The Office season 7 episode 18 is a Comedy serial. To Know More on WIKI
    'The Office' S07E18 Todd Packer Video

    Hilary duff's performing on feel-good cherity tour photos

    Hillary Duff also known as Hilary Erhard Duff Born in 28th Sep,1987 in texas in USA. Hillary is 23 year old. Hillary Duff is American Actress and also a good Singer. Hillary Duff has also worked as Fashion Designer and Song Writer. Hillary Duff become famous after playing a leading role in Lizzie McGuire televison show in Disney channel.One of her interview Hillary Duff said, I like to be virgin.

    Tuesday, March 22, 2011

    Kate Winslet in Mildred Pierce Photos and Videos

    Mildred Pierce Film Review

    The fact that the film Mildred Pierce (Kate Winslet) is a light display, in a patriarchal society, could be the steps of a woman of the house, the end result can be disastrous. Daughter Most favor of his story can live in constant snobs have nothing to do with the crime and the character of Crawford on efforts to improve their lot.

    Kate Winslet Image in the Movie Mildred Pierce

    Watch Video of mildred pierce

    Barry Bonds Photos Videos and Biography

    Here You can Read Short BioGraphy of Barry Bonds :

    Barry Bonds was born on July 24, 1964 Riverside. Baseball, where Barry Bonds won National League Most Valuable Player Award three times, is known for its excellent capabilities. While playing for Pittsburgh Pirates baseball movie "Rookie" of the Year received a cameo appearance. Barry Bonds currently plays for San Francisco Giants. Barry Bonds is a Major League Baseball WAS one of the best paid players.

    Barry Bonds photos videos biography gossips news updates pictures images

    Image Of Barry Bonds in the Play Ground.

    Barry Bonds

    Picture Of the Barry bonds when he was so little.

    Barry Bonds

    Photos of Barry Bonds Speech against conference.

    Barry Bonds

    Watch Video of barry bonds

    Free Download Mozilla Firefox 4.0v new Release and Review

    Firefox 4 final version image amazing screenshots pictures photos

    After long awaiting Finally Firebox has released Firfox 4 final version. The 3.x version is two years old. There are till now 12 beta version released. It is right time to launch final version because of competition against Microsoft and Google chrome.

    So, what is the new in Firebox version 4?

    • The tabbed browsing goes on Top just like feature available in Google Chrome.
    • Quick access to menu items.
    • Home and Bookmarks buttons over on the right.
    • You can make group the tabs.
    • Single window appearance of Group Tabs.
    • Add-ons browsing go as level to iTunes standerd View.
    • More Easy to run for scripting Languages.
    • Fastest Firebox ever you met before.

    You can Download Firefox from This Direct Link Click Here.

    See Video of Firefox4 Instruction and Features.

    Monday, March 21, 2011

    Ricky Martin and True-Blood won the Glaad Award Photos and Videos

    Ricky Martin (Photos and videos) won at the three 22nd Annual Glaad Award in New York in America. Ricky Martin won the Glaad award for the "Russell Simmons, 30 Rocks, True- Blood ". The Glaad Award means that "The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation " Award . It is held first of the three show in New York.
    Ricky Martin "True-Blood" Glaad-Award Videos

    Mets release Perez and get final $12M of contract

    Mets release Perez, will eat final $12M of contract

    On Monday,The New York Mets released pitcher Oliver Perez It was consecutive home for minor.

    The Mets choose for $12M rather than $36M.Perez said he wasn't surprised by the decision when he was called into a meeting with Alderson.

    This was going to work in a relief role at any time.


    SXSW organizers considering limit on Free Event on Next Year

    SXSW orgenizers considering limit on Free Event on Next Year, music sxsw image photo pictureSXSW is hot group on this time and they was performing free events, but they were decided that limit on free event of them shows on next year. SXSW organizers deciding this matter because of one unfortunate incident fired on last week, wherever they performing on South by South est festival in Austin, Texas. This incident occurred at 1 a.m. on 19 march, when crowd stand behind Beauty Bar. Show was temporarily stopping by the police. Ben Weasel attacking on two women.

    Haiti elects new president for Herculean task

    Haiti elects new president for Herculean task

    In Haiti election this time violence was avoided.Jean-Claude and former President Jean-Bertrand arrived just days before the election.

    This is because of effect of tense in the country.Supporters of Martelly peppered him with campaign signs thrown like confetti.

    Government has spent total $4.53 billion over 2010 and 2011

    Justin Bieber Topples Michael Jackson In Movie History

    Justin Bieber full name is Justin Drew Bieber. Justin Bieber born on 1st march 1994. Justin Bieber lives in Stratford, Ontario,Canada. His genre is pop,R&B,Occupation is singer, songwriter, musician and actor. Never Say Never has made a staggering $72.2m in the USA. A directors cut of Never Say Never was recently released my the Paramount studio.
    The King Of Pop still reigns supreme across the whole world though. This Is It making $189m outside of America. Bieber create image in international appeal is clearly.

    Pakistan earthquake 2011 photos and videos

    On Wednesday early morning, Pakistan has feeling earthquake magnitude of 7.2. The earthquake has very dangerous,
    So that various parts of whole country every person felt that earthquake. That earthquake has come at 1.23am. Its epicenter is around 50kms .
    West of town of Dalbaldin,near to the border of Afghanistan. This earthquake has been feeling many other country near equal to the Pakistan.
    Pakistan EarthQuake Documentary Video Show Below:

    ‘Limitless’ Is Top Weekend Film With $19 Million; ‘Rango’ Stays in Second

    As the hollywood news update,sales of top 10 movie list is announced.'Limitless' a thriller movie got the first number with rate of ninteen million dollr($19 million).The second number is got by 'rango'a comedy movie with rate of fifteen million dollar($15 million).Rango movie is directed by johnny Depp.

    It was also hearing that "Limitless" a thriller movie will be 100% entertainment.It will also increase fortune of movie director.on the other side,"Rango" the comedy movie will provide entertainment to children as well as other aged people.

    Sunday, March 20, 2011

    Rebecca Black on Twitter and Her Photos And Videos

    Rebecca is 13 years old. she loves to sing, dance and act,also want new in life everytime.

    She worked in Showtime America, Broadway, USA, and Star Search.

    Official Twitter Account:

    rebecca black biography photos videos

    rebecca black biography photos videos

    rebecca black biography photos videos

    Why I Am Running in the Los Angeles Marathon

    Los Angeles, Marathon , running

    For Runner who runs in Los Angeles Marathon they think it is like to win an Oscar in their life.

    A whopping $500 million will be cut this year. This is the money that will be gone. It scared enough to quit smoking after 20 years and several failed attempts for joggers life .

    Read the full article and follow the link below you.

    5.1 quake but Moon Man link ruled out

    On 20 march,2011 at 9.27pm there was a biggest aftershock. Moon Man In newyork city, at cristchurch there was a 5.1 earthquake. As the source said-"It was biggest aftershock since last month". There was not any harm to people.
    This earthquake was possible, because moon was closest to earth at 9.44pm. Though the aftershock was long and big, but people are quite safe.

    West backs off calls for Libya regime change as Qaddafi warns of 'long war'

    West backs off calls for Libya regime change as Qaddafi warns of 'long war'

    European and US still making air strike in libya that is the after effect after Qaddafi sentenced for long term war.

    There is also launching of 112 missile attack continue in first phase operation of US and Britain.

    President Obama described the attacks as a “limited military action”.

    Pressure rises in Japan reactor as radiation found in food

    Japan reactor, reactors, reacters, radiation found in food

    Workers of Japan's nuclear plant back away from a troubled reactor whenever radiation found in food. Japan's government person says that tsunami has been damaged the nuclear plant and increase the nuclear radiation.

    Chief of Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano's saying that Sunday nuclear complex plant created many problems and then it have to be closed.

    Nuclear plant has grow large temperature on last night. Crew members emergent cool the reactor, so radiation traces is now controlling condition.

    Read more.

    Obama's Move to Join No-Fly Assault on Libya Shows Multilateral Strategy

    Obama's Move to Join No-Fly Assault on Libya Shows Multilateral

    At last Obama comes in to action against Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi beacase he is trying to crush country's rebellion.

    In his Brazil visit Obama announced,“We are answering the calls of a threatened people.”

    Basically this triggering action came after deal with the Arab league.
    The first was Arab League support; the second was Qaddafi closing.

    From Paris, Clinton told reporters that Reality is differnt from the actual we are seeing

    Nokia To Get Exclusive WP7 Capabilities In 2012

     Nokia To Get Exclusive WP7 Capabilities In 2012

    Nokia is Going to launch its new version smart phone using windows 7. Which is expected to competition directly with apple's iPhone and google's Android.

    For this reason Nokia and Microsoft has make hans together.

    The OS will have major software updates also.


    Tonight’s 'Supermoon' Will Look Larger and Brighter

    Tonight’s 'Supermoon' Will Look Larger and Brighter

    The Supermoon will pass closer around 2,21,567 miles which is closer than even before in 18 years of history!

    So, the supermoon will apper nearly 30 percent bigger and 14 percent brighter.

    If there is no rain and clouds then you can enjoy your supermoon.


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